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3" Single Prong Hand Dyed 10mm Powerlifting Belt Hand Made in UK

Sale price£79.99
How To Measure
You will need to measure yourself where the belt is going to sit (usually belly button). DO NOT RELY ON YOUR JEANS SIZE AS IT WILL OFTEN BE DIFFERENT. You can use that measurement on the table below.

In summary: 

  • Measure at belly button
  • Do not rely on trouser / jeans size
  • On prong belts aim to be 1/2 way along range
  • For example:

    • If you think you'll fluctuate between 32" and 34" and you're looking for a lever belt we recommend ordering a medium.
    • If you fluctuate between 34" and 36" and you'd like a weightlifting belt, we recommend ordering a large.

    Size Range

    Weightlifting Prong Powerlifting Lever Powerlifting
    20'' to 22'' S S S
    21'' to 23'' S S S
    22'' to 24'' S S S
    23'' to 25'' S S S
    24'' to 26'' S S S
    25'' to 27'' S M S
    26'' to 28'' S M S
    27'' to 29'' S M S
    28'' to 30'' M M S
    29'' to 31'' M M M
    30'' to 32'' M L M
    31'' to 33'' M L M
    32'' to 34'' M L M
    33'' to 35'' L L M
    34'' to 36'' L XL M
    35'' to 37'' L XL L
    36'' to 38'' L XL L
    37'' to 39'' XL XL L
    38'' to 40'' XL 2XL L
    39'' to 41'' XL 2XL XL
    40'' to 42'' 2XL 2XL XL
    41'' to 43'' 2XL 2XL XL
    42'' to 44'' 3XL 3XL XL
    43'' to 45'' 3XL 3XL 2XL
    44'' to 46'' 4XL 3XL 2XL
    45'' to 47'' 4XL 3XL 2XL
    46'' to 48'' 5XL 4XL 2XL
    47'' to 49'' 5XL 4XL 3XL
    48'' to 50'' 6XL 4XL 3XL
    49'' to 51'' 6XL 4XL 3XL
    50'' to 52'' 7XL 5XL 3XL
    51'' to 53'' 7XL 5XL 4XL
    52'' to 54'' 7XL 5XL 4XL
    53'' to 55'' 7XL 5XL 4XL
    54'' to 56'' 10XL 6XL 4XL
    55'' to 57'' 10XL 6XL 5XL
    56'' to 58'' 10XL 6XL 5XL
    57'' to 59'' 10XL 6XL 5XL
    58'' to 60'' 10XL 7XL 5XL
    59'' to 61'' - 7XL 6XL
    60'' to 62'' - 7XL 6XL
    61'' to 63'' - 7XL 6XL
    62'' to 64'' - 8XL 6XL
    63'' to 65'' - 8XL 7XL
    64'' to 66'' - 8XL 7XL
    65'' to 67'' - 8XL 7XL

    Knee Sleeve Size

    • Measure knee size:
      • Place tape measure around middle of knee when straight
      • For elbow sleeves, use the same method
    • Size overlap considerations:
      • You may fall between two sizes
      • Both sizes suitable for lifting
      • Larger quads: consider larger size


    Get it between -


    Why Use A 3" Belt?

    • 4" powerlifting belt not suitable for everyone
    • Smaller athletes may find it uncomfortable for deadlifting or bench press
    • Introduced 3" single prong powerlifting belt in response to feedback
    • Aesthetically appealing and functional


    As you can see this belt is sublime on the eye. It's made from a 4mm layer of top grain natural coloured vegetable tanned leather on the outside, with another 4mm top grain layer underneath. We hand dye the top layer to make it a gorgeous chestnut brown; with a unique pattern on each belt (due them being hand dyed). The belt is completed with a light brown coloured suede inner for comfort. The belt is 10mm thick, so offers a fantastic amount of support for whatever lift you're going to smash.

    The top grain is the strongest part of the hide as the fibres are most densely packed. The further down into the cow hide you go the more loosely packed the fibres are and thus less supportive.

    The belt is completed with subtle embossed logos (we want you to be proud of our brand but we've not gone for a big in your face look). There is a logo on the back and the all important made in wales size stamp inside. A chunky Black roller buckle completes the subtle look.


    Easiest way is to summarise how cheap belts are made:

    • Majority of non-UK belts are made in Pakistan or China
    • They use split leather which is lower quality than top grain
    • Chrome tanning process used, involving chromium salts
    • Harsh chemicals are used, making the process only 3-4 days versus 3-6 months for vegetable tanned leather
    • Lower quality end product compared to vegetable tanned leather
    • Middle and Far East tanneries lack skills of European and American counterparts
    • Cheap chrome tanned belts often break within 1-2 years, especially at holes
    • Chrome tanned belts identifiable by grey, papery substance in holes

    Whilst we:

    • Hand make our belts using the finest materials, built to last
    • Use only top grain Italian vegetable tanned leather and English suede
    • Higher price, but lifetime durability (and warranty)
    • Lifetime guarantee: repairs or replacements for any breakages

    Belt Performance

    We've rated product performance for different training styles to make sure you're choosing the best equipment for your needs!

    Metcons 3 stars
    Heavy Squats
    Olympic Lifting 4 stars
    Robustness 5 stars



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    Make Powerlifting A Priority

    When it comes to your safety and reaching your full potential, only the best gear will do. Our belts, straps and sleeves are designed with topnotch materials here in the UK to help you get the most out of your lift, each and every time.


    About Us

    We are based in the UK (Bridgend) and ship all over the world. Custom Belts ship for free! Your order supports a small family owned business, obsessed with making the best weightlifting belts possible. We try to reply to enquiries as quickly as possible - either jump on live chat in the corner or drop us an email at