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Joker Lever Belt - Hand Made in UK (Customisable)

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How To Measure
You will need to measure yourself where the belt is going to sit (usually belly button). DO NOT RELY ON YOUR JEANS SIZE AS IT WILL OFTEN BE DIFFERENT. You can use that measurement on the table below.

In summary: 

  • Measure at belly button
  • Do not rely on trouser / jeans size
  • On prong belts aim to be 1/2 way along range
  • For example:

    • If you think you'll fluctuate between 32" and 34" and you're looking for a lever belt we recommend ordering a medium.
    • If you fluctuate between 34" and 36" and you'd like a weightlifting belt, we recommend ordering a large.

    Size Range

    Weightlifting Prong Powerlifting Lever Powerlifting
    20'' to 22'' S S S
    21'' to 23'' S S S
    22'' to 24'' S S S
    23'' to 25'' S S S
    24'' to 26'' S S S
    25'' to 27'' S M S
    26'' to 28'' S M S
    27'' to 29'' S M S
    28'' to 30'' M M S
    29'' to 31'' M M M
    30'' to 32'' M L M
    31'' to 33'' M L M
    32'' to 34'' M L M
    33'' to 35'' L L M
    34'' to 36'' L XL M
    35'' to 37'' L XL L
    36'' to 38'' L XL L
    37'' to 39'' XL XL L
    38'' to 40'' XL 2XL L
    39'' to 41'' XL 2XL XL
    40'' to 42'' 2XL 2XL XL
    41'' to 43'' 2XL 2XL XL
    42'' to 44'' 3XL 3XL XL
    43'' to 45'' 3XL 3XL 2XL
    44'' to 46'' 4XL 3XL 2XL
    45'' to 47'' 4XL 3XL 2XL
    46'' to 48'' 5XL 4XL 2XL
    47'' to 49'' 5XL 4XL 3XL
    48'' to 50'' 6XL 4XL 3XL
    49'' to 51'' 6XL 4XL 3XL
    50'' to 52'' 7XL 5XL 3XL
    51'' to 53'' 7XL 5XL 4XL
    52'' to 54'' 7XL 5XL 4XL
    53'' to 55'' 7XL 5XL 4XL
    54'' to 56'' 10XL 6XL 4XL
    55'' to 57'' 10XL 6XL 5XL
    56'' to 58'' 10XL 6XL 5XL
    57'' to 59'' 10XL 6XL 5XL
    58'' to 60'' 10XL 7XL 5XL
    59'' to 61'' - 7XL 6XL
    60'' to 62'' - 7XL 6XL
    61'' to 63'' - 7XL 6XL
    62'' to 64'' - 8XL 6XL
    63'' to 65'' - 8XL 7XL
    64'' to 66'' - 8XL 7XL
    65'' to 67'' - 8XL 7XL

    Knee Sleeve Size

    • Measure knee size:
      • Place tape measure around middle of knee when straight
      • For elbow sleeves, use the same method
    • Size overlap considerations:
      • You may fall between two sizes
      • Both sizes suitable for lifting
      • Larger quads: consider larger size


    Get it between -



    "Unleash Your Inner Villain: Joker-Themed 10mm Lever Powerlifting Belt"

    🃏 Embrace the Anarchy of the Joker: Elevate your powerlifting sessions with a belt that's as bold and unpredictable as the Joker himself. Featuring a full-length UV print of the iconic villain, this belt captures the essence of Gotham's chaos in every detail.

    🇬🇧 Masterfully Handcrafted in the UK: Each belt is a product of superior British craftsmanship. Artisanally created with meticulous attention to detail, it's a symbol of quality and durability in the world of powerlifting.

    🏋️‍♂️ Designed for the Strongest Lifts: Our lever belt boasts a consistent 4" width all around, providing the unwavering support you need for heavy squats and deadlifts. It's about more than just lifting; it's about lifting with confidence.

    💪 Enhanced Thickness for Maximum Stability: At 10mm thick, this belt offers substantial support, ensuring your core is braced and ready for your most challenging lifts.

    🇮🇹 Italian Leather Meets Gotham Grit: Constructed with two pieces of top-grain Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather, this belt is built to last. It's a testament to enduring strength and resilience.

    🎨 Unique Joker Design: Our exclusive Joker design, UV printed on vinyl, spans the entire length of the belt, showcasing the many faces of the beloved anti-hero. It's a statement piece for fans and serious lifters alike.

    💜 Comfort in Every Rep: The inner layer of English Suede provides a soft, comfortable fit, ensuring you can focus on your performance without distraction.

    🔒 Quick and Secure Adjustments: The robust chrome lever buckle offers ease of use and a secure, reliable fit, allowing for quick release between sets for optimal performance.

    🛡️ Lifetime Warranty for Peace of Mind: We're confident in our craftsmanship, and our Lifetime Warranty proves it. Lift with the assurance that we've got your back, every step of the way.

    🃏 Step into the Role: Whether you're channeling the cunning of the Joker or simply pushing your limits, this belt is your ally in achieving greatness.

    Gear up for your next powerlifting session with a belt that combines the best of strength, style, and the spirit of the Joker. Order your Joker-Themed Lever Powerlifting Belt today and dominate the gym with a touch of madness!

    Belt Performance

    We've rated product performance for different training styles to make sure you're choosing the best equipment for your needs!

    Exercise Rating
    CrossFit Metcons
    Heavy Squats
    Olympic Lifting
    Belt Robustness


    You may know (because we never shut up about it) that we make custom belts. Not everyone wants a custom belt though. There are many reasons people don't want one:

    • Too expensive
    • Time to make them is too long (even if we do them in as little as 1 week!)
    • Unable to change them if they don't fit or they don't like them

    Therefore; we have decided to come up with a few designs that are as cool as our custom belts, but are 'stock' belts, so treated like any item you buy online, where you can send it back or change it. These awesome anime designs:

    • Are affordable
    • Ship the same working day (if ordered before 1pm UK time)
    • Can be sent back for a different size or a refund



    Rule the day and stand out from the crowd with your very own, personalised powerlifting belt that empowers you to put in your best effort. Make it your own with custom embroidery, colour-combos and more with our simple, easy-to-use order form.


    Industry-leading Mobility Accessories

    Make Powerlifting A Priority

    When it comes to your safety and reaching your full potential, only the best gear will do. Our belts, straps and sleeves are designed with topnotch materials here in the UK to help you get the most out of your lift, each and every time.


    About Us

    We are based in the UK (Bridgend) and ship all over the world. Custom Belts ship for free! Your order supports a small family owned business, obsessed with making the best weightlifting belts possible. We try to reply to enquiries as quickly as possible - either jump on live chat in the corner or drop us an email at