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Which Weightlifting Belt Is Right For Me?

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Looking to increase your squat? Has your deadlift plateaued? Or is your back giving you a bit sore after workouts? A good lifting belt can really make the difference when you're looking to add a few kilos to your lifts, or prevent pain and injury. Good form is obviously key and no belt will protect 100% from injury, but a good belt will certainly reduce the risk. So what does a belt actually do? A lot of people think that a belt simply acts as a sort of crutch for your back. They think that using a belt will [...]

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Knee Sleeves – Which Ones Are For Me?

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Do your knees hurt when you squat? Struggling to stand up a heavy clean? Or are you just looking for a little bit more support when you're exercising? Knee sleeves are used by athletes the world over to increase their performance, recover quicker and avoid injury. Knee sleeves are often mistakenly called knee braces, but they are not the same thing. A knee sleeve provides support, but does not work in the same way as a knee brace does. Knee braces are designed and used to protect a previous injury from further endangerment as a rehab tool. Knee sleeves are [...]

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About Mobility Tools

Mobility Tools was set up in March 2013 by a Mechnical Engineer, Stuart Bartley. Stuart has a keen interest in strength and conditioning and in particular Olympic Weightlifting. Stuart found weightlifting through CrossFit and finally made the switch early 2012.

Initially supplying functional fitness products such as foam rollers, ab mats, kinesiology tape; this soon expanded into other strength and conditioning equipment such as shorts, knee sleeves and belts. We aim to supply everything you need, whether you are an athlete looking for something to get you through your next WOD or a box owner looking to completely kit out a new or existing box. We have the capability to design and manufacture custom equipment, so if you have an idea that you would like made into something real, get in touch.

At Mobility Tools we supply all the equipment you need to keep mobilised for your next WOD. Whether that is a foam roller to loosen up your quads or to hammer your calves with a lacrosse ball we’ve got it covered. We have two varieties of Floss Bands which prove to be very popular. You can choose from the standard thickness blue band (1.3mm thick) or the Xtreme Red band(1.6mm thick). Both are great performance tools, with the red offering a bit more compression for the larger athlete or the areas which require greater compression. This extensive range of mobility tools is complimented by a diverse range of resistance bands from 6.4mm x 6.4mm thick micro mini orange bands up to 100mm x 6.4mm moster black band. All bands come with a 1 year guarantee (we’ve never had one break yet) for your peace of mind.

About ModiFit

At Mobility Tools we have a range of Olympic Weightlifting accessories under our ModiFit brand name. We stock everything from Knee Sleeves to belts to wrist straps, with all products tested to their limits in-house (because we like free stuff, but shhhh don’t tell anyone).

As well as all of this we offer a range of WOD accessories and apparel. The range is ever expanding as we create custom designs for products, ranging from our popular Knee Sleeves, to weightlifting belts and WOD shorts. We pride ourselves on having top quality equipment and reasonable prices.

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