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Our Story

I'm Stuart, and I founded Mobility Tools in 2013 after feeling unfulfilled working as a Mechanical Engineer for a pharmaceutical company. A friend who specialised in sports massages convinced me to start a company importing mobility and rehab tools - and after some hiccups with initial products imported from China, I eventually found my calling in making weightlifting belts.

I began importing custom belts from Pakistan, but inconsistency in quality ultimately compelled me to make them in-house. I found a local business to help in the beginning but soon realised that making the belts entirely in-house would help me maintain the highest standards. So I learned how to sew the belts and began sourcing the highest quality leathers and suedes from UK and Europe. We quickly expanded our capabilities and team, creating bespoke belts in-house and working with top brands in fitness.

Today, we're proud to have established a reputation for excellence with our bespoke belts. We've partnered with top brands such as Eddie Hall's BEAST range, Gymshark, and countless independent gyms across Europe and the USA.

We're always eager to collaborate with new brands, so if you want to offer your customers the highest-quality belts in the game with your branding, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Stuart Bartley - The Boss

As the owner, I get my hands dirty every day in the workshop. I handle a variety of tasks, from embroidery to filling print orders, to stitching belts. It's hard to believe but I've stitched over 10,000 of them. The thought is mind-boggling!

Dan Walters - Designer

Dan, our designer extraordinaire, has a background in print and graphic design. He works his magic in Photoshop for all the custom belt designs. He's a wizard in his craft but also has a keen interest in AI, so expect some pretty fancy innovations from him in the future!

Ryan Amos - Custom Belts

Ryan crafts every custom belt by hand, carefully sticking the leathers, punching bespoke holes, and skillfully skiving suede. His exceptional ability to produce 20 or more belts a day deserves admiration!

Ryan Green - Wholesale, stock belts

We already had one Ryan when Ryan started, so he is known as Brian (obviously). He handles all of the stock belt orders and is able to make our dyed belts look fantastic with his eye for detail, earning him the nickname "Bry The Dye". Brian also helps with custom belts at peak times and handles the bulk of wholesale orders.

Jack Slater - Wholesale, leather prep

Meet Jack - the sole non-Welshman on the team and the newest member. Jack hails from London and is known for keeping the workshop in immaculate condition with his exceptional tidiness skills. His main role includes prepping high-quality leather and suedes by precisely cutting 5" strips, which form the foundation for beautiful belts. Jack's contribution isn't just limited to belt-making, however; he works closely with Brian in wholesale, and also undertakes the buckle and bag assembly for every belt. His commitment to the team and the job at hand is unmatched.