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Article: Which Custom Weightlifting Belt Should I Order?

Which Custom Weightlifting Belt Should I Order?

Which Custom Weightlifting Belt Should I Order?


The number 1 question we get asked is around the design styles we offer, so here's a quick walkthrough of the different design options you can choose. We'll also be making a video version of this page should you prefer a video walkthrough.

Print vs Embroidery

The first thing you'll need to decide is whether you want a full length print or embroidery on leather or suede. A full length print is done on vinyl and is great for complicated images (like anime artwork) and spans the entirety of the belt.

Embroidery spans 30cm / 12" on the leather / upholstery. It's great for text designs or simple logos where you'd like the design to stand out.

Print Options

You have a few options to choose from with print:

  • Existing designs
  • Your own completed design
  • Do design for me (uploading anything from 1 to 10 images)

Existing Designs
We have over 15 designs that we've created that you can choose from. You can customise these further by adding embroidery on top of them should you wish.

Your own completed design
If you're a whizz on Photoshop or other design software then you can create your own design. You'll need to use one of our downloadable prints which are available here. When you upload your design it might not fit on the viewer as the templates are related to the size you order. The viewer on screen may be a different size belt, so don't worry if it doesn't look perfect - as long as you've used our templates you'll be fine. We send a mockup for approval anyway.

Do design for me (uploading 2-10 images)
As the name suggests - we'll create a unique design for you from images you upload. We recommend uploading around 4 to 5 so they can be spaced out a bit, but if you want to have 10 on the belt that's no issue. We will then create a design for you either by blending the edges of each image together, to create a seamless design.

Do Design For Me (Upload 1 image and create full design)
This option you upload 1 image in the middle of the belt and we use Photoshop to create a design that fills the belt. We'll create a background that uses elements of the image to then fill the belt, creating a truly unique design that only requires 1 image from you.


Embroidery Options

Embroidery can be added to any belt, whether that's Leather, Suede or Print. On print they're great for text to add a 3D effect on top of a design. For leather and suede they're great for simple images / logos with a few colours and for text. You can up to 2 images and a portion of text to the belt. The max width for embroidery is 30cm / 12" which is dictated by the embroidery machine. There are a few design layout options you can go for, which should be largely self explanatory:

  • Text with 2 images
  • Text only
  • Image only
  • Text with left image
  • Text with right image
  • Text with image above
  • Text with image below

You can move the images around and the text size can be changed. If you're having difficulty getting it to look perfect don't worry; you can leave notes in the section at the end and we'll create it to look exactly as you'd like. We redraw the design and send you a mockup for approval before we make your belt.


We get so many questions about sizing that we've put together a table so that you can reference your size range with the belt style you want.

Pick a range of 2" that you feel you'll fluctuate between. If you fluctuate between more than 2" then look at the ranges you cover to see if you are over more than one size. If in doubt jump on live chat and ask us.

You will need to measure yourself where the belt is going to sit (usually belly button). DO NOT RELY ON YOUR JEANS SIZE AS IT WILL OFTEN BE DIFFERENT. You can use that measurement on the table below.

For example:

  • If you think you'll fluctuate between 32" and 34" and you're looking for a lever belt we recommend ordering a medium.
  • If you fluctuate between 34" and 36" and you'd like a weightlifting belt, we recommend ordering a large.







20 '' 22 '' S S S
21 '' 23 '' S S S
22 '' 24 '' S S S
23 '' 25 '' S S S
24 '' 26 '' S S S
25 '' 27 '' S M S
26 '' 28 '' S M S
27 '' 29 '' S M S
28 '' 30 '' M M S
29 '' 31 '' M M M
30 '' 32 '' M L M
31 '' 33 '' M L M
32 '' 34 '' M L M
33 '' 35 '' L L M
34 '' 36 '' L XL M
35 '' 37 '' L XL L
36 '' 38 '' L XL L
37 '' 39 '' XL XL L
38 '' 40 '' XL 2XL L
39 '' 41 '' XL 2XL XL
40 '' 42 '' 2XL 2XL XL
41 '' 43 '' 2XL 2XL XL
42 '' 44 '' 3XL 3XL XL
43 '' 45 '' 3XL 3XL 2XL
44 '' 46 '' 4XL 3XL 2XL
45 '' 47 '' 4XL 3XL 2XL
46 '' 48 '' 5XL 4XL 2XL
47 '' 49 '' 5XL 4XL 3XL
48 '' 50 '' 6XL 4XL 3XL
49 '' 51 '' 6XL 4XL 3XL
50 '' 52 '' 7XL 5XL 3XL
51 '' 53 '' 7XL 5XL 4XL
52 '' 54 '' 7XL 5XL 4XL
53 '' 55 '' 7XL 5XL 4XL
54 '' 56 '' 10XL 6XL 4XL
55 '' 57 '' 10XL 6XL 5XL
56 '' 58 '' 10XL 6XL 5XL
57 '' 59 '' 10XL 6XL 5XL
58 '' 60 '' 10XL 7XL 5XL
59 '' 61 '' 10XL 7XL 6XL
60 '' 62 '' - 7XL 6XL
61 '' 63 '' - 7XL 6XL
62 '' 64 '' - 8XL 6XL
63 '' 65 '' - 8XL 7XL
64 '' 66 '' - 8XL 7XL
65 '' 67 '' - 8XL 7XL

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