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Article: Knee Sleeves - Which Ones Are Best For Me?

Knee Sleeves - Which Ones Are Best For Me?

Knee Sleeves - Which Ones Are Best For Me?

Is squatting starting to feel like the seventh circle of hell? Struggling to stand up after a heavy clean without feeling like your knees are conspiring against you? Worry not, we've got your back (and your knees)!

Knee sleeves are every athlete's secret weapon to enhance performance, speed up recovery, and dodge injuries like Neo in The Matrix. They provide much-needed protection and support to your knees during your sweat sessions.

Here at Mobility Tools, we're avid weightlifters with a passion for heavy squats and a deep love-hate relationship with intense workouts. So, we thought we'd put together a knee-slapping guide to help you pick the perfect knee sleeves for your fitness journey.

DISCLAIMER: The advice below is just that – advice. If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before attempting any exercise. Knee sleeves will not magically protect you from injuries if you go all Hulk-mode in the gym. Mobility Tools do not accept any liability for injuries when using our products.

Now that we've got that covered, let's dive into the three different types of knee sleeves we offer:

  1. Single Ply
  2. Double Ply
  3. Neoprene

We'll break down the pros and cons of each type and help you decide which one's the perfect fit for your workout routine.

Single Ply Knee Sleeves

First up are our Single Ply Knee Sleeves, available in a rainbow of colors. They offer a touch of support and warmth to the knee joint, perfect for exercises like wall balls, air squats, and typical CrossFit workouts. These bad boys strike a delicate balance between support and flexibility. Made from elasticated cotton, they're tough, machine-washable, and perfect for:

  • CrossFit workouts with high-rep movements
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Running
  • Daily knee support

However, they might not be the best choice for powerlifting.


Double Ply Knee Sleeves

Double Ply knee sleeves are like the bouncier, more energetic sibling of Single Ply. These elasticated sleeves help you hit new squat PBs by providing a stretch reflex. At the bottom of your squat, these sleeves store energy like a coiled spring, ready to shoot you back up. They offer excellent compression, making them ideal for:

  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Casual gym-goers looking for knee support during squats

But, they're not the best choice for high-rep CrossFit workouts, running, or day-to-day knee support.


Neoprene Knee Sleeves

Neoprene Knee Sleeves are like the Goldilocks of our sleeve family – not too thick, not too thin, just right. Made from a high-quality, durable Neoprene blend, these sleeves are resilient against rips and tears. They provide a good balance of support and warmth, making them perfect for:

  • Powerlifting
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • CrossFit workouts with high-rep movements
  • Day-to-day knee support

However, they might not be ideal for CrossFit workouts involving rowers or assault bikes (simply pull them down during these exercises) or running (opt for Single Ply instead).


Knee Sleeve Sizing

To find your perfect size, measure around the middle of your knee when it's straight. Check the size charts for each type of sleeve and pick the one that matches your measurement. If you're between sizes and have larger quads, you might want to choose the bigger size.

Ready to conquer the gym with your new knee sleeves? Use code KNEE10 at checkout to enjoy 10% off your first pair.

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