So you want a custom belt, but you don't know which one to order as there's so many to choose from! No problem; hopefully this guide will walk you through the process and make it a lot easier for you.

Firstly, the most important question - yes, we ship worldwide and it's free for custom belts.

The first thing we'd need to know before recommending a belt is whether you'd like a weightlifting or powerlifting belt. A weightlifting belt is your traditional gym belt that has a 4"/10cm high back panel with a pad on the inside, then tapers on the sides to 2.5"/6cm. A powerlifting belt is traditionally 4"/10cm wide all the way around and has either a Single Prong, Double Prong or Lever buckle. They come in two thicknesses, 10mm and 13mm. If you're not planning to compete in powerlifting or are not sure which one you'd prefer then go for a weightlifting belt. You'll get a load of support from it and it won't be uncomfortable (which is a bit of a trade off with powerlifting belts).

Now that you know which belt type you'd like the next question is whether you want the design printed or embroidered. Printed designs span the length of the belt, whilst embroidered are limited to 30cm / 12" width. Prints are good for anime type images where you want a load of them put together, whilst embroidered is good for text or text with one or 2 images. You get a bit of a 3D effect with embroidery so that can be the difference maker.

You may have seen belts on our Facebook and Instagram pages with a design you like. We have around 15 existing designs to choose from in print designs and a similar number of embroidered designs. If you want one of these and aren't adding any extra designs / embroidery then your best bet is to order one of our fast ship belts.

If the design you like / saw is not one of the options then we cannot re-make the design as it is a customers own design. You would need to find similar images for us to create a similar unique design for you.

Here are the different fast ship belts we do:

Embroidered Belts

Embroidered belts have a design spanning 12"/30cm, which is most of the back section when you wear the belt. You can choose from simple text or a combination of text and images. We have a huge library of fonts to choose from, but can add custom fonts if there's something you've found online that you like. Images with colour gradients will be simplified to solid blocks of colour, due to them being embroidered. More detailed images are more tricky to embroider. This is an image of one of the most complicated embroideries we've done with the mockup next to it:

We do 4 different embroidered belts:

Printed Belts

For printed belts we offer a few design options.

1. You can upload your own complete print which must be in the correct size ratios for the belt and size you've ordered. Uploading a square image and expecting us to create a full belt print from it is not possible (a belt is 4" high and a lot more than 4" long...). Each product page has print size info for you to create in Photoshop and we are adding downloadable templates to use all the time.

2. The second option would be to choose from an existing design. Only use this option if you're adding embroidery either to the outside or inside, as you'd be better off ordering a fast ship.

3/4. The third and fourth options are having us create a print design for you. There are 2 options - tiled and blended. You upload 5 or more images for us to create a print for you. If you have more than 6 you can email the rest after ordering.

The tiled option the images sit side by side like this:

The blended option we blend the edges of the images to create a more seamless print:

We do 3 different printed belts:

Manufacture Times

For your own design the standard manufacture time is 6 weeks. We do have options on the product builder to choose from 1, 2, 3 and 4 week manufacturing options at extra cost. These timelines do not include shipping. Shipping worldwide is usually within 2-4 days with UPS or DHL, however some countries may take longer. The 2-4 days covers Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan - if your country is not listed here it will ship with Royal Mail international which takes around 10 days. Shipping is free on custom belts.

Summary / FAQ

Hopefully now you have an idea of which belt you want to order and whether you want print or embroidery. Here are some popular questions if you're not sure.

Measuring For Your Belt

Please measure your waist at your belly button / where the belt will sit. DO NOT RELY ON TROUSER SIZE. This will often be different. Pull tape measure tight but don't breathe in. For prong belts you'd want to be near the middle of the size range, whilst for lever belts you'd want to be just after the middle to avoid too much excess of the belt being uncomfortable underneath. 

Manufacture Time

Fast ship belts take 8-10 working days to manufacture. These have the word 'Fast Ship' in the product name. Standard time for custom belts is 6 weeks. You can pay extra when designing your belt to have it manufactured in 1, 2, 3 and 4 weeks.


We ship worldwide. It is free shipping on custom belts, with USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia taking 2-4 days using UPS or DHL. The rest of the world takes 10-14 days with Royal Mail International Tracked. If you're in the US armed forces based overseas you can use APO shipping which will go through US Forces mail network. Please use USA as the country NOT THE COUNTRY YOU'RE STATIONED IN!! If you do, the package will be returned to us and you will need to pay for it to be re-shipped correctly. If you're based in Italy and you use Italy as the country the Italian postal network won't have a clue what it is and send it straight back to us, whilst taking payment for the shipment.