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Custom Belt FAQ

This page should answer any questions you have regarding custom belts. If something is not on this page, please ask us. But please read this page before asking; as it is very likely the answer to your question will be below...

How long does a custom belt take?
Custom belts take 6 weeks to make as standard; though you can pay extra to have them made quicker (1, 2, 3 and 4 week options). Please note this is the dispatch time and NOT the delivery time. The delivery time will depend on where you are in the world, which shipping option you have chosen and what time of year it is. Please note, when calculating dispatch date day 1 is the next working day after you have ordered (UK time). So if you have ordered at 3pm on a Friday afternoon day 1 will be the Monday and so the 7th day will be the following Monday. Please check the date of your order and the dispatch option you have chosen to get the dispatch date of your belt. We endeavour to turn belts around quicker but to guarantee dispatch by a certain date you will need to select a dispatch option on the belt builder to meet your date.

Do you ship to [country]?
Yes we ship to every country on Earth. It's free worldwide shipping on orders over £100, which covers custom belts. You can view full shipping info here.

What is the price in [Dollars / Euros / Rand]?
The price you pay will depend on your bank's exchange rate. The custom belt pages have currency converters which you can enter the price to be shown a fairly accurate price of what you'd pay. In future we will have pricing displayed in your native currency, however due to the plugin that the custom belt builder uses it is not currently possible to do this.

What size do I need to order?
You will need to measure around your stomach where the belt will sit (usually your belly button) to ensure your belt fits you correctly. Please DO NOT rely on your trouser size. It will often be different. If your belt doesn't fit there is nothing we can do and you will be stuck with a belt that doesn't fit you.

How do I design my custom belt?
We do embroidered and printed belts. For embroidered belts you can select any combination of text and images. Please bear in mind that images will be converted to solid blocks of colour due to them being embroidered. The belt builder is pretty straightforward to get your rough design, but you can add notes at the bottom if you want to add further clarification. Do not worry if you can't get your belt to look exactly as you'd like, we will redraw the design and remove any white if your upload contains an image on a white background.

Printed belts have 4 choices; either you can choose from an existing design, upload a complete ready to print image in the correct size format (using photoshop or similar software) or you can upload images and have us either tile them next to each other or have them blended together.

If you upload a square image as a 'completed image' it will not span the length of the belt. There are downloadable templates on the product page. If you are not skilled in graphic design or the use of Photoshop we'd recommend using option 3 (tiled image) or option 4 (blended images) and let us create your design.

How big can my embroidered design be?
Your design must fit on our embroidery machine. The maximum width is 30cm / 12" and the maximum height for 4" belts and weightlifting belts is 8cm / 3". Please bare this in mind when designing a belt; the more text you have on one line the smaller the text will be. The same goes for images with text in between or on the sides.

What sort of thing can you embroider?
Please note if you're uploading an image the colours will need to be simplified as each colour will correspond to a thread colour. Think of a football or rugby badge on a shirt. We cannot embroider leathers smaller than 1cm (0.4") tall. If you're unsure of what we can do, please check out our instagram page which has loads of examples of customs we've done. You can view that here.

Can I change my mind after I order?
After you order you will receive an email asking for more information about your design. If you were unable to get it to look as you'd like or you needed to upload extra information please do so in reply to this email. You can change your design after you order but you cannot cancel your order. We can make lots of revisions on your design so we can ensure it's made so that you're happy with it. We have made thousands of custom belts so we know what we're doing. After you agree to your mockup you cannot change anything except colours on your design. 

Will I see a proof / mockup after I order?
Yes. We redraw all designs (including centring any images or text) for you to look at. The only exception are 'fast ship' belts (they have the words fast ship in the product name), these use existing designs and we do not send a mockup as you will see one when you design the belt on the website. Not sending a mockup for these allows us to ship them out in 8-10 working days.

How long after I order will it take before I receive a mockup?
Please allow up to a week if you've chosen the expedited manufacture options and up to 3 weeks for standard manufacture options. We try to do mockups as quickly as we can but during peak times (i.e. Christmas) this can take longer. If you have not received a mockup 1 week before your scheduled dispatch time please firstly check your junk mail, spam mail or all mail folder (gmail) for emails from by searching. If you still have not received anything please contact us to say you haven't received your mockup. If you haven't received any emails from us including an order confirmation email it may be that you've entered your email incorrectly, or if you've paid by PayPal it could be linked to an old email address. Please contact us in this instance so we can check the email address is correct and if necessary amend it on our system.

I already have a belt can I get a custom design on it?
No. It's not possible to add anything to a belt that has already been made.

I've seen a product on your website can you customise it?
No, we can only customise the products with the belt builder or with 'custom' in the product name.

I've seen a design on Instagram that i like - can i order the same belt?
If it's not selectable from our fast ship designs then it's not likely you can use it as it may be a customers' own design. You can message us with a screenshot to ask. The easiest thing to do would be to find similar images online for us to create a similar but unique design just for you.