Foam Rollers

Mobility Tools prides itself on being number one for Foam Rollers and mobility equipment in general! We have a diverse range of rollers to suit everyone. Whether you are an elite athlete looking to keep on top of your recovery or someone just looking to relieve the soreness in those muscles after a long day at work. Mobility Tools carries own brand rollers from micro rollers as well as other brands like the RAD Helix.

The micro roller is particularly good for traveling but also great for home and gym use, allowing you to be a little closer to the floor.  This can be a little more comfortable than other rollers. As well as varying levels of firmness you can also choose a roller with different diameters. We are confident we have the right roller for you, if you are not sure please give Mobility Tools a ring for friendly advice on 01656 651 134.

Mobility Tools offers wholesale prices with great discounts for bulk quantities. If you are interested in wholesale products for a gym, physio or chiro clinic then please get in touch here. If you’re looking to resell we offer great rates for bulk quantities.

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