Single Ply Knee Sleeves by ModiFit | Knee Supports

Single Ply knee sleeves are great at providing warmth and stability to the knee joint. We carry a wide range of knee sleeves and knee wraps so you can be sure to find the perfect support for you. We recommend reading our guide here on deciding which knee sleeve is going to the best for you. If you are a CrossFitter looking for knee support in a WOD then the single ply or the 7mm Neoprene is a great choice. Similarly an olympic lifter or CrossFitter may want to look at these and the double ply, especially for strength work. If you’re a powerlifter then have a look at the double ply sleeves or for that extra support get yourselves some big meaty knee wraps! If you’re still struggling to decide which sleeves are best for you then give us a call. Our number is 01656 224 324, alternatively drop us an email here.