Custom and Hand Made Weight Lifting Belts

We are super fortunate to work with a skilled leather craftsman that makes hand made leather powerlifting belts. Check out the range! We can also make custom powerlifting belts to any size, the turn around on these UK made belts is also pretty quick (usually within a week or two). We stock single prong and lever belts; being hand made in Wales we can assure you that they are made from the very finest UK leathers, contain no cheap fillers and will last you your life time. As well as making belts in the UK we have very good links with our factory in Pakistan. These belts take around 4 weeks to be made and we only open up orders once every 6 weeks or so.

So what’s the difference between the belts made in Pakistan and the belts made in the UK?

  • Firstly – and obviously – the price. There are a few factors because of this.
  • In Pakistan they factory has giant punch presses that cut the belt outline out in a few seconds; in Wales we do them all by hand (i.e. cut the material by hand using traditional leather craft tools).
  • In Pakistan we use really very nice high quality leather; but the leather we use in Wales is English leather, tanned in England and more than often high-end upholstery leather.
  • Labour costs in Wales are obviously significantly higher too when compared with Pakistan.