Weight Lifting Belts and Powerlifting Belts by ModiFit

At Mobility Tools we have an awesome range of olympic weightlifting belts, powerlifting belts and gym belts for every athlete. They range from light weight neoprene velro up to 13mm lever and quick release belts! We stock an “Elite” range if you’re looking for something that’s extra special in quality and performance. If you’re a CrossFitter you can check out our functional fitness section here. We have a wide variety of belts for Olympic Weightlifters at lots of different price points, so you can find the perfect belt for your budget. Check them out here. Powerlifting and strongman athletes can check out or range of single prong, double prong, quick release and lever belts. You can find them here. We also have a small range of hand made belts that we manufacture right here in Wales from the highest quality leather. You can find them here.