Light Resistance Band - Purple 30kg Resistance


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2080mm x 28.5mm x 4.5mm (2.08m or 41″ is the standard gym band length)
Resistance of approximately 22kg per band – see below for full info on resistance
Great for assisting in pull ups for athletes looking to get their first pull up!
Biceps – light to medium for bicep curls
Triceps – light to medium for ‘skull crushers’ and tricep extensions
Back / Hamstrings – light for banded good mornings
Ankles – great tied to a rig to work on ankle mobility

Purple Resistance Band (Light Resistance Band)

The Purple Resistance band is not just for powerlifting and weightlifting. They are great for using to help you work your pull ups by taking some of your body weight. Each band is 41" long when laid flat, 28.5mm wide, 4.5mm thick.

  • 2080mm x 28.5mm x 4.5mm (2.08m or 41" is the standard gym band length)
  • Resistance of approximately 22kg per band


A great exercise using the Light Purple resistance band for your front rack mobility - put the band on the floor and place it below heel and have the band run up the back of your leg and up your back, putting it in your hand then bring your arm overhead to stretch your triceps. You should feel the stretch in your triceps and your lats. A few minutes of this each side should give you an instant improvement in your front rack positioning. I personally find 5 seconds of contraction and 5 seconds of relaxing when doing stretches helps improve my mobility the most. This is called PNF Stretching, and is something to look to incorporate into your warm-up routine. You'll be amazed at the results!

Another great mobility exercise would be using the Light Purple resistance band against a rig and doing 'banded distractions' for your hips and ankles. Get the band into your groin or on the ankle (at top of foot not bottom of leg), step away from the rack to take up some tension and go through squats or lunges to mobilise yourself ready for your workout. Step away further for more resistance, you can also vary whether you are facing towards or away from the rack/anchor point (facing away from rack is great if you feel a pinch at the front of your ankle).

Triceps - moderate to strong resistance for 'skull crushers' and tricep extensions. Get that pump on with sets of 20! Superset skull crushers and extensions for more gainz.

Bodyweight Exercises

The purple resistance bands will offer some very light resistance if you can anchor them to the floor for weighted pull ups.

If you are new to pull ups they will offer a small amount of assistance. Essentially they'll take around 23-29kg of your bodyweight (decreasing the closer you get to the top of your pull up)

When using a band for a pull-up the band will be stretched to approx 42" when at the bottom of the pull-up and still be stretched to around 24" at top of pull-up (Figures for athlete who's approx 5ft 7" - taller athletes will stretch band further). Given that the table below gives an approximation of how much weight the band will take from your body when used to assist with pull-up training:

Band Colour Slack taken (2" Stretch) Top of Pull-Up (24") Bottom of Pull-Up (42")
Orange 4kg 5.5kg 7kg
Red 7kg 10kg 12kg
Black 11kg 17kg 21kg
Purple 15kg 23kg 29kg
Green 24kg 36kg 44kg
Blue 34kg 53kg 63kg

Strength Work

The bands are quite thin so strength work is limited. You can attach to a bar for deadlifts as shown in the picture (you will need to stand on the band when deadlifting). The resistance you get will depend on how tall you are (the taller you are, the more stretch/resistance). The tension will kick in from just below the knee (depending on band colour) and reach maximum at lockout (the closer you get to lockout the more resistance you will feel), so good for use when working on deadlift lockout training. Weights below are a guide to give you an idea.

Deadlifting with Bands (as per picture):

Band Colour Deadlift Lockout At Knee
Orange 17kg 10kg
Red 31kg 19kg
Black 50kg 32kg
Purple 71kg 44kg
Green 109kg 68kg
Blue 160kg 100kg

Squatting with Bands Tension:

If you are squatting with bands you may want to look at slightly thicker bands. A typical range for accommodating resistance is 50-60% of your 1RM in weights plus 25% in band tension, so if you squat 200kg you'd put 100kg on the bar and add 50kg worth of bands. This is just a guide. Please read up on accommodating resistance for sets and reps, though 10-12 sets of 2 are quite common. Below is the approximate amount of tension when using 2 bands. Bands will be stretched approx 38" for a 5ft 10" lifter. Make sure that bands are still under tension at bottom of squat. You can loop a bit extra of the band around the bar if it's not under tension at the bottom, or you want to add a few more kilos of resistance. Weights below are a guide to give you an idea.

Band Colour Top of Squat (Approx 38" Stretch) Bottom of Squat (Approx 2" Stretch)
2 x Orange 13kg 8kg
2 x Red 24kg 14kg
2 x Black 40kg 22kg
2 x Purple 55kg 31kg
2 x Green 85kg 47kg
2 x Blue 122kg 69kg


Great when used with our resistance band pegs (as per picture)


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