ModiFit Powerlifting Belt 10mm Quick Release Black (XL Only)

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Size (Stomach):


Chrome Quick Release buckle with chrome screw rivets for a stylish look. These are to IPF spec from Technical Rule Book 2014 (updated January 2014). Please note, these are heavy duty powerlifting belts that will be really stiff when you first get it. If you’ve used a decent powerlifting belt before you will know this and know it takes a bit of time for it to break in!

ModiFit Powerlifting Belt - Sizing Information

Each belt has 10 holes spaced over 9". The info below shows which belt will be the best fit depending on your waist measurement (as detailed below). To confirm - do not rely on your trouser size as this is often different to your belly button measurement.

Although the holes are spaced over 9" the info below is for holes 2 to 9, leaving one hole spare at the start and end, as really you don't want to be on the last hole on a belt.

It is better to be near the bottom of a larger belt than near the top of the smaller belt, as you will have more of the end of the belt to hold onto when tightening and loosening the belt. This is especially important on a powerlifting belt due to their thickness.

Just to stress - we do not recommend buying a size where you are on either the first or last hole. If you are unsure of sizing please give us a call and we'll be happy to help!


  • Small: 21" - 28"
  • Medium: 25" - 32"
  • Large: 29" - 37"
  • XL: 33" - 41"
  • 2XL: - 35" - 43"
  • 3XL: - 38" - 46"
  • 4XL: 40" - 48"
  • 5XL: 42" - 50"
  • 6XL: 44" - 52"
  • 7XL: 46" - 54"

    Belt Dimensions

    Below you can find the dimensions of the belts. Please note that these dimensions can change by +/- 1".

     Belt Size

    First Hole (A)

    Last Hole (B)

    Belt Length (C)

    Small 51cm / 20" 74cm / 29" 90cm / 35.5"
    Medium 61cm / 24" 84cm / 33" 100cm / 39.3"
    Large 71cm / 28" 94cm / 37" 110cm / 43.3"
    XL 80cm / 31.5" 103cm / 42" 120cm / 47.2"
    85cm / 33.5" 108cm / 43" 125cm / 49.2"
    90cm / 35.5" 113cm / 45" 130cm / 51.2"
    95cm / 37.5" 118cm / 47" 135cm / 53.1"
    100cm / 39.5" 123cm / 49" 140cm / 55.1"
    105cm / 41.5" 128cm / 51" 145cm / 57.1"
    110cm / 43.5"
    133cm / 53" 150cm / 59"



    We can make belts longer than those available here; a 60" long belt for example will fit up to 57" but if you need longer than that this isn't a problem. Typically a custom length belt costs an extra £10-15 the price above and takes 5-6 weeks to make and send from our manufacturer. If you'd like to order a custom length belt please email us here. Please let us know which belt you like and also what your measurement is at the belly button, so that we can work out what length of belt you'd need.


    Belt Performance

    We’ve rated product performance for different training styles to make sure you’re choosing the best equipment for your needs!

    Metcons 1 stars
    Heavy Squats 5 stars
    Deadlifting 5 stars
    Olympic Lifting 3 stars
    Robustness 5 stars


    Meets IPF Spec - Not IPF Approved (see below for full info)

    These are to IPF spec from Technical Rule Book 2014 (updated January 2014). Please note, these are heavy duty powerlifting belts that will be really stiff when you first get it. If you've used a decent powerlifting belt before you will know this and know it takes a bit of time for it to break in! Fortunately, as these are our Elite belts, the leather is already pretty soft, so break-in time will be minimal!

    Belt is 4" wide (10cm).

    Segment from IPF Rule Book detailing belt dimensions:

    Competitors may wear a belt. If worn, it shall be on the outside of the lifting suit.
    Materials and Construction:
    (a) The main body shall be made of leather, vinyl or other similar non-stretch material in one or more laminations which may be glued and / or stitched together.
    (b) It shall not have additional padding, bracing or supports of any material either on the surface or concealed within the laminations of the belt.
    (c) The buckle shall be attached at one end of the belt by means of studs and / or stitching.
    (d) The belt may have a buckle with one or two prongs or “quick release” type (“quick release” referring to lever.)
    (e) A tongue loop shall be attached close to the buckle by means of studs / or stitching.
    (f) The name of the lifter, the lifter’s nation, state or club may appear on the outside of the belt.

    1. Width of belt maximum 10 cm.
    2. Thickness of belt maximum 13 mm along the main length.
    3. Inside width of buckle maximum 11 cm.
    4. Outside width of buckle maximum 13 cm.
    5. Tongue loop maximum width 5 cm.
    6. Distance between end of belt and far end of tongue loop maximum 25 cm.


    Why Isn't This Belt IPF Approved?

    We get a lot of messages asking if our powerlifting belts are IPF approved. Previously any manufacturer making supportive equipment simply had to follow the rules laid out by the IPF in terms of belt thickness, width, length etc., and this was enough to be approved. This is still the model followed by the IWF for weightlifting. Unfortunately in 2015 this changed to a pay per product model, i.e. the manufacturer would pay a fee for their belts, a fee for knee wraps etc., with the license running from Jan 2015 to Dec 2018. The new approval list will be released Jan 2019 and so we have received pricing from the IPF. The price for approval for belts is 7000EUR, which is not too bad – although there are 3 categories – Prong (single and double), lever and quick release, so if we wanted all of our belts approved we’d need to pay 3 x 7000EUR. Unfortunately any equipment manufacturers seeking approval also HAVE to buy a sponsorship package. The minimum tier of sponsorship is 30,000EUR per year and minimum of 4 years. Clearly 51,000EUR a year for 4 years is a fat whack of dosh. If we sold 1,000 belts that would equate to 51EUR per belt. 95% of our customers are simply looking for a great belt at a reasonable price. We know our belts are already used in BDFPA meets, but we will also be contacting as many other UK federations to check whether our belts meet their approval. We understand many people who are asking about IPF approval need it for a local competition who simply refer to equipment being IPF approved when in fact they may not need to be. Just wanted to make people aware when they ask about IPF approval, as the costs involved are astronomical, when once they were zero.


    BDFPA, ABPU Approval

    Good news however is our belts are approved for use in federations such as BDFPA and ABPU, as well as other federations. Our belts meet typical specifications in most federations, the only federations where you cannot use our belts are ones where they state explicitly that equipment must be on the IPF’s approved equipment manufacturer list. Typically these federations ask that the belt is no more than 4″ wide and less than 13mm thick, as well as a few other things. Our belts meet this spec, but if you’ve got any other questions, or if you’re not sure if your federation will let you use our belts then feel free to ask us.


    We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. It is important to us that you are delighted with your purchase but if for any reason you are not, and feel the need to send the item back, we offer a 365 DAY returns policy, starting from the date of  order. All we ask is that you return your goods, no questions asked, in their original state. If you are not happy or you need to change something, the easiest thing to do is to email us so that we both have a record of it. We are happy to exchange any item for you at no extra charge for UK customers (you will need to cover postage of item sent back to us). Overseas customers will need to pay for postage of the replacement item. If an item is damaged or the wrong item was sent we will usually cover return postage, but please notify us prior to sending.

    Custom Belts are made to order to your specification and as such are not eligible for a refund should you no longer want it. We try our best to get a belt to you by a given time, but we make no guarantee a belt will be delivered on time. Once your design has been agreed you are no longer able to cancel your order or return it for a refund. If there is an issue in terms of quality we will fix it; if we have made your belt to the wrong specification we will either replace it or alter it; depending on which is most suitable.

    For a refund you will need to return your order to us within 365 days of making your order (yes, that's 1 whole year). We aim to process your refund the same week it arrives back with us. We are a small company so we value your repeat business, so we don't want to mess you around - if you've not heard anything from us a few days after returning, just drop us an email or call and we'll check the status for you. Items being returned for a refund will need to be returned in new condition and with the original packaging.

    If you would like to view our full Terms and Conditions please follow this link.

    Our address for exchanges and refunds is:

    Mobility Tools
    Unit 1B Kingsway Buildings
    Bridgend Ind Est
    CF31 3YH



    Your item is going through the postal network, not into space. Please be mindful of the fact that a human - not a space robot - will have to open the package and the item you're returning will be going back on sale for someone else to buy. We would very grateful if you could include the original packaging if possible.

    Items are returned at your own cost. We would recommend UK customers sending 2nd class. Please note returning an order is your responsibility so it is up to you to decide which service you opt for. If the item fails to arrive with us again that is for you to take up with Royal Mail. We are not responsible for lost returns. Please ensure that you return items with a note inside with your name and order number, as we won't be able to ascertain who the order is from without this.

    Please only return to this address. Our orders are dispatched by another company; returning directly to them will incur a cost of £2.50 + VAT. They dispatch thousands of orders every day from hundreds of companies so charge this fee for the labour involved in finding which company the return is for then contacting that company. To avoid this charge please send back to us directly. If you send back to the company that does our orders the charge will be debited from any refund due.

    If you qualified for free or reduced rate shipping and you part return your order your order will be recalculated to see if you still qualify for free shipping. If when returning an item your order is below the free / reduced rate shipping threshold, this will be deducted from your refund. Similarly, if you used a discount code that is dependent on a certain order value, your order will be recalculated without the returned item and the difference refunded. If you ordered a bundle of products these cannot be individually returned for a refund, but we can exchange sizes.

    For example:

    If you ordered a weightlifting belt at £29.99 and knee sleeves at £29.99 your order would come to £59.98. If you choose free shipping (Royal Mail 48 Tracked) and you returned the belt for a refund your order would be recalculated as: Knee Sleeves (£29.99) + Shipping (£3.95), as the knee sleeves are below the free shipping threshold. Your new order would be £33.94, so a refund of £59.98 - £33.94 would be issued (£26.04).


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